Logo and Branding

Your app comes with your own logo and branding elements. You can email us your logo and pictures and our team will work to make them look good in your app.

(Included in all packages)

Customized Menu

You can customize your appointment menu to include a list of services you provide. You can add additional appointment fields to fit your business needs, or other affiliated services, like towing, car wash etc.

(Included in all packages)

Unique QR Code

We will give you with your own QR code for your marketing, business cards, your website and anywhere in your office. When scanned, the QR code will install your app on any smartphone.

(Included in all packages)

SMS Autoresponder

When your potential customers text/sms your keyword to the phone number 68398, they will get an SMS response with your app link and your promotional message. You can check out this feature by texting MYTEXT to 68398.

(Included in all packages)

Free Mobile Website

You can link your app with your website. Your website visitors with smartphones would be redirected to see your app. Since smartphone screens are much smaller than your website, you will have greater customer satisfaction among smartphone visitors.

(Included in all packages)

Appointment History

Your app saves your clients' past appointment requests. They can now make new appointments, based on their old one, which saves time when typing new appointment requests. This is very useful for clients who make regular appointments.

(Included in all packages)

Notes and Reminders

Your customers can store notes and reminders about their next visit. This encourages repeat business, as they can view their next scheduled service appointment, such as oil change, tune-up etc.

(Included in all packages)

Maps and Directions

Your app will show your customers how to find your location on a smartphone map. It will also provide accurate directions to your place from their current location or any other geographic location they select.

(Included in all packages)

Social Media

We can integrate your app with your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Yelp, Twitter or Demand Force reviews. You can also use your app to encourage more reviews and Facebook sharing.

(Included in all packages)

App Markets

Your app can be distributed on Google Play, Blackberry App World, Open App Market and numerous other app markets. This will give you greater mobile presence.

(Included in the Pro App)


Your customers can recieve your coupons which you can change periodically, depending on your markting campaigns and strategy.

(Included in the Basic App and the Pro App)

Domains and Subdomains

You can add your own domain name or subdomain for better branding and greater control of your app. Your subdomain typically starts with m.yourcompany.com

(Included in the Basic App and the Pro App)

SMS Marketing

We can maintain your SMS database for opt-in client phone numbers. You can periodically send promotional text messages to your clients who signed up to receive SMS promotions.

(Add-on module in the Pro App)

VIP Club

We can setup a VIP Club database with names and phone numbers of your clients who signed up for your VIP Club benefits. You can send promotional emails to those clients.

(Add-on module in the Pro App)

Vehicle Tracking

Your app can track your vehicle on the road in real time. This would let your clients know where you are (so that they can find you) or when they should expect your arrival.

(Add-on module in the Pro App)
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