• Service Reminders

      May 6th, 2017in Tutorial

      Nurture your customers with service reminders! They are a quick, easy and cost effective way to remind your customers of their next appointment by text or email. You will increase your sales and reduce no-shows. We can setup reminders which repeat automatically every 3, 6 or 12 months, reminding your customers to return to your location for a service appointment. You can also remind them to show up on a specific date. Best of all, your reminders can be customized to fit your unique business needs. Service reminders are available in your mobile app as well as your website. You can test out the demo by clicking right here.

  • Marketing benefits video

    March 15, 2017in Tutorial

    Curious about the benefits of owning your own mobile app? Why don't you check out our 2 minute video...

  • Your Auto Repair App has its own web page!

    January 12, 2017in Tutorial

    We added a new feature to all subscription levels. Your app now has its own web page. Your customers can use this page to receive app download instructions by text/sms. This is how it works: A web user enters his or her mobile phone number on your website; The user immediately gets an SMS with a link to the app store or our servers; The user downloads your app directly to his or her phone...And, we will provide this service even during your free trial!

  • Auto Repair SMS Marketing

    December 5, 2016in Tutorial

    Wouldn't it be great if you can remind your clients about service appointments or special coupons? We can now maintain your own SMS database for opt-in customer phone numbers. You can periodically send promotional text messages to your customers who signed up to receive SMS promotions.

    For a list of our most popular features click here.

  • New feature: Notes & Reminders

    November 14, 2016in Tutorial

    We created a new feature called "Notes & Reminders". Your customers can store notes and reminders about their next visit. This encourages repeat business, as they can view their next scheduled service appointment, such as oil change, tune-up etc.

    For a list of our most popular features click here.

  • SMS is here! Texting is now included in all our packages.

    October 15, 2016in Tutorial

    You asked and we delivered. You can now have your own SMS keyword. Your keyword is usually the name of your auto repair business. When your potential customers text/sms your keyword to a short-code (five digit number), they can get an SMS response with your app link, your promotional message, coupons and dicounts. This is helpful for customers who rely on SMS/texting and do not have a scanning app for QR codes.

  • Promoting your app

    September 13, 2016in Tutorial

    Here are some ideas on how to promote your app among your existing clients:

    1. You can text your app link via sms/text messaging along with a short introductory note. The best thing about this approach is that your clients always see the text and they usually click on the link and download the app immediately. Make sure you have your clients permission to text them.

    2. Another very popular method of promotion is to place your QR code and app link next to your Point-of-Sale terminal and below your email signature (e.g. your name and phone number in each email) if you have a mailing list, so that everyone you communicate with by email knows that you have an app.

    3. You should always link your website with your app. Not only do you get a free mobile website, but you create a much more enjoyable experience for your smartphone users. We can give you a special code which would make your website very smart, so that it auto-detects smartphone traffic. Chances are that more than 30% of your website traffic is from smartphone users.

    4. Place your QR code on your website, your business cards. your promotional flyers, advertisements and on any other physical surface where people are likely to scan your app.

    5. If you have a mailing list of clients, this would be a good time to tell them about the app. Same thing, with your Facebook page and other social media accounts. Keep in mind that your app has a Facebook sharing feature, so any time someone uses your services and shares their experience on Facebook, your app gets promoted to your customer's network of friends and family.

    6. Ask your good clients to promote your app to their friends and family using the "Share this app" button within the app. Offer them an incentive or a coupon to share it. If your clients like using your services, they will gladly share your app with others.

  • Test drive our demo app

    August 12, 2016in Tutorial

    Test drive our demo app by simply typing autorepairapp.com/demo in your smartphone browser.

  • Your QR Code

    July 10, 2016in Tutorial

    When you subscribe, we will provide you with your own QR code which you can put on your website, marketing materials, business cards, inside your office and other places. When scanned, the QR code will download your app into any smartphone. We provide QR codes for free to all our customers.

  • Your free mobile website...

    June 20, 2016in Tutorial

    Concerned that your smartphone customers cannot see your website properly? We have a great solution - link your app to your website and get a free mobile website. We can help you make changes to your website that would make your website detect smartphones and redirect them to your app. Anytime your customers go to your website from their smartphone browsers, they will instantly download your app and have a far better user experience. This feature is free to all our subscribers.

  • It's a smartphone revolution! Take a look at this video

    May 12, 2016in Tutorial


  • What can your customers do with your app?

    March 15, 2016in Tutorial

  • Turning new clients into repeat business

    March 15, 2016in Tutorial

    When your new clients contact you for the first time, they do not immediately connect with your brand, and often need many reasons to remember you and call you back. For many clients, you are often just one of many businesses from the yellow pages. Using your businesss is simply a one-time transaction for many, and they might forget about you. The Auto Repair App turns new clients into repeat business. Many new clients chose to download your app and keep it in their smartphones. They then use the Auto Repair App to make an appointment, request estimates or to simply call your business, instead of browsing the internet or searching for business cards. They use the appointment feature to email you their preferred times for an appointment and chose from the most common appointment types. The more time your clients spends with the Auto Repair App, the less likely they are to search for any other competitor.

  • How can people get my app?

    March 7, 2016in Tutorial

  • Spreading your Auto Repair App to attract new clients

    February 20, 2016in Tutorial

    One of the best things about mobile apps is that they can spread if they prove practical. People with smartphones discuss their apps with their friends and collegues all the time. They share recommendations and are constantly on the lookout for new useful apps. If your clients like your app, they will tell their friends to download it. The conversation will usually include other reasons to use your services. In a few clicks you could get new clients and increased revenue. And your new clients will tell their friends, as well. It's simply contagious.

  • Custom features

    January 15, 2016in Tutorial

    Some business owners may select a tailor-made Auto Repair App with custom features that are specific to their business. For example, you can change the appointment form to include your most common types of appointments, or include an image gallery with your photos. You might need more screens to explain all kinds of services you offer or provide product or service guides with tips for your clients.

    Some businesses may chose to show their vehicles or personnel on a map in real time, while others might track and review the use of their mobile app for marketing purposes, or integrate the Auto Repair App with their web site.

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